Dental Technology

Same day crowns with the E4D

Dr Silvestro utilizes the E4D, the newest technology that makes crowns in one visit. The patient’s tooth gets scanned into the E4D CAD/CAM machine, the crown is designed on the computer virtually, and then the crown gets milled out of a block of porcelain in the milling unit. Once made, the crown is bonded onto the patient’s mouth in the same visit! Many people are familiar with the old technology, the CEREC, which D4D Technologies significantly improved upon to make the E4D.

Digital x-ray

Dr. Silvestro utilizes the Dexis Platinum digital x-ray sensor in his office – the top rated digital x-ray system made in dentistry. There are many benefits in using this technology, including:

  1. Reduced exposure to radiation (as much as 75% over traditional film),
  2. Less waiting time,
  3. Better and more thorough diagnosis of dental issues, and
  4. X-rays can be blown-up on the computer screen so patients can view them easily


Also known as “One-hour teeth whitening,” ZOOM! is the best way to whiten one’s teeth. It is the only whitening system that Dr. Silvestro is comfortable enough to guarantee the results afterwards! The patient relaxes under a laser light for 4 – 15 minute sessions while the teeth whiten by an average of 8-12 shades! ZOOM! whitening is the same technology that was featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover to help people with their smiles.

Dental Laser

Lasers have revolutionized the way Dr. Silvestro practices dentistry. Many procedures can be performed using the laser, in less time and with better results, than when using traditional methods. Patients also benefit from a higher standard of care, experiencing faster treatment and healing times with less overall discomfort. A few of the common procedures that can be performed using the laser are (please click link to learn more): frenectomy, laser reshaping of gum tissue, and cold sore and canker sore removal.

Intra-oral camera

The primary use for an intraoral camera is patient education. Dr. Silvestro often finds it helpful to be able to show patients exactly what is going on inside their mouths, and to highlight areas where medical attention may be needed. The camera is placed inside the mouth, and the image pops up on the computer screen instantly for the patient to view.

Massage chair

To help patients relax before or after a procedure, Dr. Silvestro has a medical-grade massage chair in his office available for complimentary use.

Electric handpieces (drills)

Electric handpieces, the most technologically advanced dental drills, are only used by about 10% of dentists in the United States. As opposed to the old technology, air-driven drills that most patients are accustomed to, electric handpieces display many advantages, including: smoother drilling, no high-pitch sounds, quieter operation, and less drilling time.

Ultrasonic Scaler

To complete a thorough cleaning and fight periodontal disease, we need to reduce plaque, tartar, and the number of bacteria in the pockets in the mouth. In addition to scraping with hand instruments during a normal cleaning, we also use a device called an ultrasonic scaler. It consists of a wand with a small scaling tip that produces a soft ultrasonic vibration. The small, quick vibrations in combination with a water flow give us a whole new level of effectiveness in tartar removal. The benefits of ultrasonic scaling include:

  • Increased efficiency of tartar removal
  • Less need for hand scraping of stubborn tartar
  • More comfortable
  • Faster cleaning overall

Velscope (Intra-oral cancer screening)

The Velscope is an early oral cancer detection device, used in combination with traditional oral cancer examination procedures. The Velscope allows Dr. Silvestro to visualize mucosa (tissue inside the mouth) abnormalities that may require biopsy. Velscope, by detecting pre-cancerous lesions earlier than with sight alone, may save thousands of additional lives.